Mentoring Partnership between Joensuu Science Society, Finland & Junge Uni, Austria

April 24, 2013

From Silvia Prock; Junge Uni, Innsbruck:

Shared my experience and the learning from my last visit to Joensuu Science Society, Finland.

Lessons learned during that visit to Finland:

  • importance of hospitality
  • education discussions took place in Finland in 1970’s
  • excellent Finnish teacher training system
  • equality
  • trust
  • learning oriented way of teaching

Coming next:

  • Discuss the finish model of SciFest – more integration of teachers to Actionday in Innsbruck
  • Visit of Ilkka Jormanainen, Executive Director Joensuu Science Society, to Innsbruck for the Actionday in autumn
  • Discuss concept of Sparkling Science; the specific characteristic of the programme: so far, there have been 209 projects (113 of them have already finished); scientists worked and work side by side with young people in current scientific research projects.
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