Kinder-Uni - Universität Tübingen & McMaster Children and Youth University

What we want to explore together

1.      Exchange of Expertise in Targeting Strategies

Both partners are situated in an urban, academic context but the demographic and social context varies. Hamilton as a large town, Tübingen as a small one. Tübingen can learn from the experience of McMaster in targeting children and youth living in social hotspots with diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds. Tübingen can share its experience in the export of the Children’s University in small towns in the countryside.

 -   McMaster Children & Youth University will move to the countryside

  -  Kinder-Uni Tübingen will target children living in social hotspots

Both Partners will exchange targeting strategies with focus on children with a low-educational, low-social and/or migration background. Together we will develop and test diverse targeting strategies specifically adapted for the respective location. In particular, different forms of cooperation with schools and the involvement of parents will be developed as both partners have already evolved strategies to integrate the Children’s University in everyday school life/curriculum.

 2.      Exchange of Experience: Delivery Model

 -  Combination of lectures & workshops

Since 2004 the Kinder-Uni Tübingen offers as an addition to the lectures also a Children’s-University-Researcher-Day (Kinder-Uni-Forschertag) with hands-on activities all around the campus. Furthermore, there exist different models of the delivery of workshops in the branches in the countryside.

McMaster Children & Youth University provides hands-on activities for participants of the lectures through a mentorship program. These workshops follow immediately the session and relate to the lecture topic.

Both partners will exchange their experiences and support each other in adopting the model provided by the other partner.

   -   Involvement of Students

Both universities will exchange their expertise in the involvement of students and will adopt strategies accordingly.

3.      Exchange of Expertise: Listening to children

Both partners will discuss, develop and implement together existing and new methods of listening to children like

  -   McMasters competitive model as e.g. the Chemistry Olympics or Science Bazaar

School children can present their projects on a given research question. The best projects are awarded and the winners can give a lecture.

 -      Increasing involvement of children in the program planning,

 -      Interactive Website and Social Networks

Both universities have already some experience in web presence and social networks. Together they will develop an  interactive web page with hands-on design, TED talks and science-games.

 What would we like to get out of this Mentoring Partnership (Results)

-   At least one branch of the McMaster Children & Youth University in the countryside.

-  Tübingen will adopt at least one new strategy for targeting children living in social hotspots.

-  Both partners will adopt the concept for the combination of lectures and workshops of the other partner.

-  Both partners will implement new methods of listening to children like Interactive Website & Social Media.