Mudança de Cena & VISION EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES & Hands-On Universe

Vision Educational Resources, Kenya and Mudança de Cena, Brazil
Overview of the partnership, summary of the focus of the partnership, their aims and objectives.
The proposal of Mudança de Cena and Vision Educational Resources – Brazil and Kenya - is to address a common activity and compare the experience between the countries to dialogue about education.

The focus will be Education considering the view of the students. Firstly, in their current level at school, considering problems that makes more difficult accessing higher education. After that the partners will explore if the student think about higher education, if so, what they think, if they dream and plan about the future in higher education, what is it that they want to study and their motivations.

Whereas the process of learning is as important as the results of the process, we will use the Methodology of Forum Theatre.

The next step is to compare their view with the reality, talking with people from universities.

The target group will be the youth in Nairobi and the youth in Brazil between 13 to 20 years old.