University of Liverpool & Politechnika Łódzka - Łódzki Uniwersytet Dziecięcy (Łódz Children's University)

This partnership combines two different ideas which both deal with Children University type ativities.

The University of Liverpool and ŁUD have decided to focus first on how to best build an outreach team/ department & the student accreditation model; looking at the rewarding of student’s participation into the organisation and implementation of children’s university type activities not with money but with academic credits (ECTS).
In order to do this, partners will work on the formulation of a strategy and the organisation of an outreach team/department and on how to best transfer ECTS accreditation practice to another context. This requires finding the arguments which show the interest and necessity in adopting such practice in order to take decision makers on board with this concept.

The second idea is to build a partnership with the Department of Chemistry and develop/design an international weather station project:
This would be an international project with young people from Liverpool, Lodz and Malta working together gathering local weather data and working together on the research.
Although this would be a great project, the MAs money would not cover the actual project delivery. The MAs would focus on learning about working with international partners.
•    How can this be made to run more smoothly?
•    How do you overcome language barriers?
•    What does intercultural/multicultural sharing of knowledge mean and involve?
Ø    those on the institutional level but also for the young people/students themselves.
[This could be a spin off project]