ZOOM Kindermuseum & Informal Education - çocukistanbul

Verein ZOOM Kindermuseum & Çocukistanbul Informel Egitim ve Danismanlik LTD STI

Both partners are Children’s Museum type and non-university institutions, which provide science activities for children.

Cocukistanbul plans to implement “science lectures for children” at the Istanbul Bilgi University in 2014. These lectures should become a sustainable CU program for the following years.

With its “Viennese Children’s Lectures”, ZOOM has a long lasting experience in developing, organising and financing science lectures for children and can support partner B in implementing a suitable model in Istanbul. The “Istanbul-model” will not only be a transfer from the Viennese model but must reflect the specific cultural and political context to be appropriate for the specific situation in Istanbul.

The following steps are planned:

  • Reflection on the Viennese model
  • Analyse of the needs of partner B (site, audience, other offerings in the field of science education for children in Istanbul, stakeholders, financiers)
  • Development of the Istanbul model.

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