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Announcement of the event - week-long training for teachers for virtual mobility

In period 15th-19th Feb 2016 in Varazdin (HR) will be the held a training for teachers who engage students during the semester at the MAB-Beezr projects. The goal of the projects is that students solve real-life cases from business practice and in multinational teams using the opportunities provided by ICT. Virtual mobility enables their collaboration with no need to travel, because travel can either be too expensive, or too time consuming. Students gain practice on real cases, and also must frequently communicate and collaborate with partners from other countries in order to do the task for taking some of their courses. Teachers come from different areas: marketing, marketing communications, marketing research, entrepreneurship, management, data mining, project management, digital design, finance, application programming etc ...

As a part of the training, the results of previous project experiences and best practices will be presented. The teachers themselves will have the opportunity to also experience virtual mobility through the activity of simulation. Through Skype lecture they will learn how to record video and use it in the classroom. The schedule also includes visit to Croatian companies in the Technology Park, visit to Varazdin market, meeting with the Tourist Board of the city of Varazdin and visit to food manufacturers around the town. Teachers will get to know each other during the training and plan the collaboration based on business cases that students will solve during the next semester.

VaraĹždin Teacher training

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