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"Some very interesting research findings for my business. 
Pretty cool graphics, too..."

What can Beezr do for your business?

The Beezr project aims to connect businesses with students. Particularly, for
small and medium sized businesses Beezr offers opportunities for innovation
and growth. Multi-disciplinary student teams across Europe work together
to solve business cases.

Field research and trendspotting in European markets

  • New ideas on marketing
  • Ideas for business models
  • Visual identity and campaign design

How does it work?

Our students can help you in many ways:


Get the lastest innovative trends and

insights from students into your business

opportunities and challenges


Work with students to benefit from

extensive up-to-date academic research

from across Europe


Reach out to consumers, new markets

and partners across Europe

What to do

Bring a business case you want solved

Team up with students and teachers in one of our partner institutions

Get proposals/ideas/solutions from BEEZR students and give feedback

Select the best proposal and realise it with students/teachers

Contact us

Austria: Christian Steinreiber,

Croatia: Kristina Detelj,

Denmark: Ulrik Bisgaard,, Hanne Engelgreen,

Netherlands: Randy Bundel,

Poland: Marta Wojtyra,

Project partners