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Holland goes Denmark Spring 2016

An erasable notebook? A surprise holiday package? A 'beanie'? Or just typical Dutch caramel waffles?

These were just some of the products and brands that student teams in Amsterdam and Aarhus worked with in the 'Holland Goes Denmark' project. For the past four years students from the Business Academy Aarhus and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences have been working together on developing marketing campaigns for small brands to be launched on to the Danish market.

The teams consisted of Danish and Dutch Marketing students plus Multimedia & Design students studying in Aarhus, but many of them international students. The Danish marketing students, not only focussed on the Danish, but also on the Spanish market.

This project enabled students to learn about international marketing and cultures, while further developing their virtual teamwork skills and cross-cultural competencies.

In this edition of Holland goes Denmark the brands and products were:

  • Van Vliet Stroopwafels, a Dutch cultural icon, caramel waffles. This particular brand is produced by one of the finest bakeries in the city of Gouda;
  • Bambook, a notebook that allows you to jot down handwritten notes and rub them out over and over again, saving paper and the planet;
  • ETQ a cool  designer sneaker brand, that seem perfect for the trendy Danish market;
  • Heidi Liebt, a new brand of high quality outdoor hats, 'beanies', ideal for the Nordic climate;
  • SPRS.ME a new holiday concept, offering surprise holiday packages to anyone looking for new travel experiences;
  • ISHU scarf, a magic scarf that makes you invisible for flash photography for instance from paparazzi, even if you're not a celebrity.

More on this project will be posted later.

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