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Creating Virtual Teamwork Tools

In the fall of 2015 students from HvA (NL) and BAAA (DK) developed ideas and advice on how communication and collaboration can be improved in virtual projects. The ideas was produced while at the same time performing virtual teamwork.

The tools developed in this project aim at identifying and comparing specific communication and collaboration styles in virtual projects. The intention was to be able to better understand and adequately deal with regional and cultural differences in virtual teamwork. The project also aimed at creating a shared understanding of the do’s and don’t’s of building virtual succesful teams. For this part the Dutch students delivered creative briefings which the Danish students had to visualise.

Both Dutch and Danish students studied Solomon & Schell’s book Managing Across Cultures (2009). After digesting the text they shared ideas on how to apply the theory’s insights to practice. We advised the students also to build their material on the ups and downs from the mutual teamwork. 

Here is a selection of visualisations:

Project partners