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How to market Croatian Wines in Northern Europe

Croatia produces some of the best wines in the world. However, Croatian wines are relatively unknown in Northern Europe. 

Commissioned by Gerzinic winery Danish, Dutch students and Croatian students are working together to market Croatian wines in the Netherlands and Denmark. 
Top quality wines 
The small Geržinić family Winery is located in the picturesque landscape of Vižinada, which prides itself on one hundred years of winemaking tradition. They produce top quality wine. But how to break through in the Danish and Dutch market?  
Discovering the world of fine wines
Students in Denmark and the Netherlands first research the market opportunities in their own country.  What are the best channels to reach consumers?  How could you best promote Croatian wine in Northern Europe? What would be the best way to reach your target audience? 
‘This project has been a great discovery into the world of wine for me. Fascinating!’ says one student.

Project partners