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Innovative Start-up Concept: Kids Custom Bikes

How to get the coolest bike for your kid? Well, let your children design their own bikes. A new bike is an important event in any child’s life, as any parent knows. And everything has to be just right: the colour, frame, wheels etc. Not an easy task for parents.

Customized Kids Bikes
A start-up company from the Croatian Varazdin Technology Park has come up with an innovative concept: Customized Kids Bikes. It enables children to design and customize their own bikes online using their imagination, stimulating creativity and a passiong for cycling. Once your child has designed the ultimate bike, it easy to order and ship to your home. 

Top cycling countries?
Students in Denmark and the Netherlands have been looking for ways to launch this concept in their own countries. These countries happen to be the world’s two top  cycling countries. Cycling is part of the way of life in these countries and all children learn to ride a bicycle from a very early age. 

Children and parents
So how would this innovative concept appeal to children and parents? The students have  researched the market opportunities,  studied buying behaviour and trends among children and parents. Based on their research they’ve developed a creative advertising campaign to appeal to children and parents in Northern Europe.  

Project partners