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Marketing Organic Lemonade

Students from Croatia, Denmark and the Netherlands teamed up to market Agroposta Organic Lemonade in Northern Europe. 

Agroposta, a Croatian family business, has been producing lemonade syrop or cordials from organically grown plants and fruits in five unique flavours since 2011.  
Their organic lemonade does not sold in bottles, but in small sachets. Agroposta, literally means ‘mail from nature’. Agroposta lemonade is now available in Croatia, the UK, Belgium and the Netherlands. 
Raising brand awareness in Denmark and the Netherlands  
Dutch, Danish and Croatian marketing students worked together to solve this problem. Together they researched markets and consumers in each country. 
Boosting sales
Based on their research they planned how best to market Agroposta lemonade and boost sales in the Netherlands, Denmark and Croatia. Agroposta management has now decided to adopt the strategies and recommendations from the students. The results will be available in Spring 2016. 
Working in virtual teams
The students never met face-to-face.  Virtual team work has many challenges, but also many rewards. The students learned first-hand what it’s like to work in an international virtual marketing team.  The marketing lecturers guided the students through the process. 

Project partners