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Project partners held a new meeting 11th-12th June 2015 in Vienna hosted by partner FH-BFI. The Agenda included reporting on the progress done by now and setting the following steps.On the first day the details for the implementation of the evaluation activities of the project were set (in particular for the student evaluation of Beezr projects and the teacher...
Twelve students from Faculty of organization and informatics (FOI) on March 12th 2015 visited Croatian small business Agroposta. The students were engaged into Market Basket - Virtual Student Collaboration Model project by teaching assistants Irena Kedmenec and Kristina Detelj, with the help from Izabela Oletić and Danka Patafta from FOI's International Relations...
As a part of the Market Basket (MAB) Virtual Collaboration Model (Erasmus + funded project) the project consortium organized the first Teacher training in the premises of the Business Academy Aarhus (BAA) in Denmark, from 26 to 30 January 2015. The teachers have learnt about the project; how to run project with students from different countries, who collaborate only...
Amsterdam, 12th-14th November 2014


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